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Authentikon olive oil. PDO Organic Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed

Authentikon olive oil

Olive oil

Authentikon is produced with the native olive varieties Koroneiki and Manaki from the renowned region of Kranidi which is recognized and certified for its quality olive oil by the European Union. The region of Kranidi is classified as a protected designation of origin for olive oil production.

The olive trees are grown and cultivated using traditional methods in accordance with the laws for organic farming and with the utmost respect for the local environment. The olives are handpicked and transported on the same day for pressing ensuring that the product maintains all its natural nutrients.
Authentikon is a superior quality olive oil with a smooth velvety taste and a beautiful natural aroma; there is no doubt that those who come to enjoy it will be left very satisfied.

Product Sizes:
500ml Bottle/750ml Bottle/3L Tin